Coral’s Coral Lens Smartphone Clip-on Camera Filter Kit with Wide Angle + Macro Lens & Waterproof Case iPhone Android…

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Show off your reef exactly as you see it with Coral’s Coral Lens. Wow your friends, make other hobbyists jealous, and sell frags faster and for more money – all because your photos & videos finally look as good as your corals look in person! Version 2 includes our Freestyle Clip for iPhone 11 & 12 Pro/Max, unique 15,000K and 20,000K filter and is now shipping! *We have tried all the lenses on the market and ours beats them all for color, clarity, and durability. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our customer reviews below that say the same thing!* Capture vibrant, authentic photos of your reef with stunning clarity using any smartphone. Our 15,000K filter is the perfect color to cut through the blue – resulting in unmatched, true-to-life pictures that showcase your coral like never before. Version 2 adds in our 20,000K filter to get beautiful white-light shots and you can put both filters together to get even more vibrant shots under blue light! Stacked with our 12.5x macro and 0.45 wide angle lenses, you can easily take professional photos of any coral, no matter where it’s placed or what color it is. Use the hashtags #CoralsCoralLens and #CutThruTheBlue for a chance to get featured on social media! Choice finish- black or rose gold. Coral’s Coral Lens Kit Features: Coral’s Coral Freestyle Clip – Fits iPhone 11 & 12 Pro/Max + Android devices Coral’s Coral 15,000K Filter Coral’s Coral 20,000K FIlter Coral’s Coral 0.45 Wide Angle Lens Coral’s Coral 12.5x Macro Lens Waterproof Carrying Case Lens Cleaning Cloth

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